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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

and it really got me fired up again about HOAs and how they are the #1 culprit behind wasteful water practices, contributing to invasive plant expansion, and usage of highly toxic pesticides. I have been roadblocked several times by my HOA for building a Ocean Friendly Garden in front of my unit. They still turn on the sprinklers after i turn them off, continue to use a highly toxic pestiside as weed killer (even days prior to a major rain event) and have even told me to remove my garden because it looks "wild, dead and unkept" -  the proper term is dormant. There are so many HOAs throughout san diego and along the coast that are preventing people from following OFG practices. Its sickening!



Belinda Smith said...

I think a lot of HOAs don't know that they can have beautiful landscaping without water-sucking grass and pesticides.

We'll have to get the HOAs more educated on what beautiful climate-appropriate plants and shrubs look like, and also help them see lots of $ savings based on using 75% less water!

Belinda Smith said...

And btw, I think your garden looks beautifully wild!

www.nadiaknows.com said...

I really like this photo and the natural look to it, with color and height variation! nice! TIme to inform more HOA's about landscaping!