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Thursday, January 20, 2011

La Jolla Lawn Patrol Notes

Our first Lawn Patrol last fall attracted more than 20 people and was a great way to see how much impact our gardens can have on our coast. 

Our walk through several block of the Bird Rock area started at Bird Rock Coffee Roasters where we loaded up on coffee and tea and then began our walk.  We checked out home and business gardens along the way and rated different homes based on how effectively they demonstrated the basic principals of C.P.R. (Conservation, Permeability, and Retention).   It looks like we have plenty of work cut out for us but there were also some wonderful examples of homeowners who clearly get the message and are taking great steps toward building their own Ocean Friendly Gardens.  The tour ended at Steve Roeder's house, our first OFG home volunteer where we discussed the walk and compared the gardens.  Check out photos from the patrol here.

One of the most striking images along our way, however, was the amount of water running along the street and into the storm drains along the bluff.  Since it hadn't rained for quite awhile that water was most likely "dry weather runoff" caused by over watering and/or poorly installed irrigation systems. 

Now that we have a new OFG just up the street from Moonlight Beach in Encinitas we'll be doing Patrols there as well as in Bird Rock in the upcoming months.

Keep checking the blog for dates for our upcoming events!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rainwater Harvesting Discussion at Tonight's Chaper Meeting!

Be sure to come to tonight's meeting at 7pm at Forum Hall in UTC where Josh Robinson from Eden on Earth Landscaping will be discussing rainwater harvesting!!

A bit more about Josh:
Josh Robinson has a strong love of plants, soil, and ecology. It is only natural that he finds himself working to transform conventional landscapes into their full and sustainable potential as abundant gardens of Eden. Josh is certified in permaculture design and has a master's degree in Ecological Landscape Design. Josh also encourages people to reclaim their own gardens through education. He has taught numerous classes, workshops, and slideshows on permaculture and ecological landscape design including courses through Northern Arizona University, Coconino Community College, Prescott College, and the Ecosa Institute. Josh lives and gardens in Flagstaff at “Quaking Aspen” an award-winning 1/4 acre ecological and food producing paradise.