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Monday, August 18, 2008

Southern California Water Crisis

Many of us know that Southern California is under increasing pressure to "rethink" its water use and allocation. From recent uprising plans for a new desalinization plants to water recycling the buzz is everywhere. It has become such a big problem that it is hitting the national spotlight. In a recent article of one of the most widely read and acknowledged engineering magazine, Engineering News Report, Southern California hit the inside cover. The article titled, "Tiny Endangered Fish Adds to Southern California Water Woes," highlights the endangered smelt and what the Department of Water Resources is doing to protect the San Francisco Bay Delta smelt. It also outlines what the DWR and the US Fish and Wildlife agency have been doing to protect the delta smelt. Southern California can expect more cuts in water supplied from this area and harsher fines for violating water restriction laws. This emphasizes the importance of activism and water conservation. Southern California is just one spot in a never-ending sea of areas that are running into this problem. As world population rises and people are moved into more remote and rural areas, the well may run dry much sooner than we expect. It is important that each and every one of us think about are current use, become involved with policy changes within our communities and teach our piers, friends and children the importance of conservation. The world and our children will thank you.

ENR Magazine July28/August 4, 2008 pg 7

Friday, August 15, 2008

Reporting Stormwater Discharges

San Diego Stormwater Runoff Prevention hotline
-->report illegal discharges (619) 235-1000

(9.2 Public Reporting of Illicit Discharges and ConnectionsThe City of San Diego has an established hotline to promote, publicize, and facilitatepublic reporting of illicit discharges or water quality impacts associated with dischargesinto or from the storm drain system. Reports of illicit discharges and connections can beconveyed to the City of San Diego Storm Water Division in English and Spanish 24hours per day/seven days per week through the hotline (619-235-1000) and faxes (619-758-2309). Other public comments are also received via the “Think Blue” website.)

Urban Runoff Management Plans & Storm Water Ordinance Amendment

Best Management Practices that relate to OFG:
8Protect landscaped areas fromerosion by maintaining vegetativecoverPlant and maintain healthy ground cover on exposed soils to reducerunoff and erosion of soils that may contain or transport pollutantsReduces erosion andassociated pollutants

9 Eliminate irrigation runoff to thestorm drain systemThe goal of this BMP is to eliminate irrigation runoff to the stormdrain system through proper landscape maintenance and wateringpractices, though it is recognized that some irrigation runoff mayoccur due to broken sprinklers, irrigation system failures, etc. Adoptproper watering and site design practices, properly maintainirrigation systems by abating runoff from broken sprinklers and othersystem components, control overspray, and abide by local wateringrestrictions.Reduces potential for nonstormwater to enter stormdrain system

Thursday, August 14, 2008


The San Diego Natural History Museum located in Balboa Park is currently exhibiting the "Ins & Outs" of water conservation. The exhibit highlights many aspect of water on planet Earth, how we can help dampen the direct effects and the history of water in California. It will be highlighted thru November 30, 2008 and is the "Only West Coast venue." There is something here for all of us.. Enjoy!


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Challenge of the Century

I was sent this great article in the voice of SD by Rob Davis (Link).

The article highlights the Utility Consumers' Action Network (UCAN) recent water conservation report. The report can be found here: UCAN Report

I liked this quote:
"I violently disagree with this almost pathological preoccupation with education," Shames said. "Education is like an excuse for yet another pamphlet."

I agree that too much emphasis is put on education and we need more practical solutions. I liked the suggestion of catching the water in the shower while the water warms up and using this water to water your plants.

Or how about this... "Fees could be charged to residents with large lawns, creating a pool of money that could be used to subsidize purchases of drought-tolerant plants"

All good ideas!