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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Worming Your Way Into Composting

There's a whole subculture to composting when you enlist worms -- usually red worms -- to do your dirty work.Worm composting, also known as vermiculture, turns garbage into a rich, dark earth-smelling soil conditioner, which you can use to help your lawn, your flowers or your vegetable garden.Worm composting doesn't just help you, but also the environment. The City of Vancouver in Canada publishes the Urban Agricultural Notes and supplies residents with worm bins and has a hot-line you can call to find out where to buy worms. Spokane, Washington posts information on worm composting to encourage its residents to give it a try. Not to be out done, the state of California has an animated, interactive game that teaches the basics of vermicomposting and its benefits (see The Adventures of Vermi the Worm).To get started you need worms, a container and "bedding."

For more info on getting started:


Also, Solana Center is selling compost bins for cheap to San Diego residents:


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Grass Alternates

If artificial grass is not your thing and you still want a lush lawn with low maintanance you are in luck. The internet is a great place to begin your research into alternative grass types. After doing a bit of research make sure you visit your local nursery and talk to as many people in your area as possible. Take notice of neighboring lawns and landscaping. Make sure that you take the time to draw out yout ideas on paper prior to planting. It is easy to make changes prior to planting. In addition, plan you watering and maintanence prior to planting. It may be possible to use existing run off areas as part of your overall plan. You may also eliminate greenhouse gasses, overwatering and wastefull watering by spending a few hours planning.

Water Conservation Equal Big Savings

There are many areas around the house and yard where you can contribute to saving water and money. By doing a simple daily survey over a month’s period you can assess you individual water consumption. It may appear that you are doing everything possible but take a couple of minutes to review the attached links. Water savings is a crucial necessity for our future. Spread the word.